Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice drive

Could there be anything more relaxing than a nice drive along a Los
Angeles freeway? It might be a little better if the feeway was free
from traffic on a Sunday afternoon.


Blogger Susan said...


My husband and I were stationed for awhile in Long Beach.. I could not believe it when I came to a complete stop on the freeway!! I called all my friends back in southeast GA and they didn't believe me !! :) It's crazy out there !

Emailed Jeff today with a date of October 27th for you to come to Memphis ! Vito from the Soprano's might be coming also !! He is the National Spokesperson for the Therapy Center where Garrett will be going..

Any chance Brad Garrett could tag along?? I know.. you could let him open for you ! lol

susan stephens
garrett's nana

7:39 PM  

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