Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's a castle without naked white people? I'm thinking that brown
paint wasn't invented when castles were in style.


Blogger Susan said...

Hey MJR, I've been talking with Jeff about your visit to Memphis.. We are looking at October.. We can't wait to meet you, watch your show.. but I have to be honest.. I really want to get that book to see if Gracie makes it to JR Island !

We will be going to NY for a benefit for Bright Steps Forward in September.. Joe Gannascoli(from the soprano's) is the National Spokes Person for Bright Steps - this non-profit org was established by Therapies 4 Kids to raise money for those families that could not pay the full cost. Check out the guest list at www.brightstepsforward.org and click on events .. funds raised there will go to Bright Steps,, What we raise here will be for Garrett..

Did you see the music video link that I sent to Jeff about Garrett's life?

That same weekend I'm working to put together a "run" and get "The Hoyt Team" to come.. I"m sure you've seen their video on GodTube..

We really appreciate your willingness to participate ! I am still can't believe you actually responded..

God Bless Ya MJR!
Garrett's Nana

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