Sunday, October 05, 2008

So here is the first ever improv team I have met at church. They are
from Living Word Community church. They are good, funny and really
cool people.


Blogger Creig said...

Hey, I attended that event on Saturday Oct. 4th & I have to say that the Improv team was extremely funny, I might be bias being that im apart of the team, but they were great!
Michael himself was almost as hilarious as the Improv team! God bless him because he came on after such a terrific show by the team. lol
Seriously, I was blessed and deeply inspired by both days of hearing & watching Michael allow God to speak through him. I Thank God for you & your willingness to let Him use you! Stay funny & God driven!

Much Love
Creig aka CreigyD

P.s. I heard/started a rumor that Michael Jr. asked LWCC to go on tour with him!? Is it true?! If not it should be lol....

8:00 AM  

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