Monday, March 17, 2008

How much is the doggy in the window?... $1899.00 Does he come with
DirectTV and a part-time job? What is the trade in value after 3 years?
The lady at this pet store laughed as I asked these questions and then
said that low interest rates are available if I qualify. I'm sure the dog
has a credit score of at least 750.


Blogger flutegirl said...

I thought I had a bargain! I found a shi-tzu dog in need of a home for the great price of FREE! The poor dog was in the back of one of my cousin's pick-up truck with a bag of food and some eye medicine. The story was that the dog had been rescued from a house fire that had killed his owners. We took pity on the matted-up, dirty beast with claws that curled around his pads. I thought we would spend a little on the groomer and a little on the vet and come out with a pedigree dog! Weeks later, he was shaved, clipped and vetted at the cost of two hundred dollars. We came home from church and he had lost his eye ! The emergency vet clinic (because it was Sunday) cost eight hundred dollars. His grooming is forty dollars every six weeks. So far he has racked up a bill of 1,350 dollars. We love him, though, so he is worth it. We call him "Lucky, the one-eyed-wonder-dog." His little brother, Chace, is a mixed breed who has cost us $150 over a three-year period. Go figure!

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