Monday, February 25, 2008

So, here is the full version of the video I wrote and co-produced for the 16th annual Movieguide Awards. You know how award shows always pay recognition to the big names...well I wanted to show love to the not so big names. So we created a category to give an award to called "Best Supporting Extra" in a motion picture. And here it is...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my goodness i love this it's hilarious! especially how your "most memorable role" was being the guy on the other end of the phone. i kept waiting for the lead to walk outside into a crowd of people or something. but, as you know, he didn't. the clip ended and you explained to us how you're on the other end of the phone. i cracked up. seriosly, "lol"ed. and not just the kind where you say, "ha ha lol" to your friends in messages even though you're not really laughing, i really was about to bust. thanks for sharing your talent. i only have one question now: is there any reason this was your most memorable role? :]

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