Monday, February 04, 2008

Ok, so I got a comment about my "Oversaved" video that I have posted on Godtube. Now, I get lots of comments on my stuff offered, but I thought this one was cool because this person went a little deeper than just the joke. Here is the video followed by what was said.

"Man, have I been there! You're talking with someone who has never expressed any particular interest in faith, just chatting about work or family, when a christian friend walks up and joins the conversation...and he's the type that doesn't let three sentences go by before he's saying how he asked the Lord to show him this or that today in his quiet time this morning, or what he's been praying about. The conversation sort of stops with your other friend as this person goes on about his spiritual life. There's a time and place, of course, but it doesn't always advance the ball to pour it on every second with people you don't even know. If the second person was gay, or of a different political persuasion, or a vegan disciple instead, I'd expect him not to dial that into the conversation just yet, either. It doesn't need to be part of every exchange. There's a time to speak up, and a time to stifle it."


Anonymous 5iveAnd2wo said...

- Agreed.

Time: Anytime
Place: Any place.

That person isn't going to heaven by being a 'good person'. Nor is he going to heaven because some guy he doesn't know started talking about God. But it may drive his curiosity. aside from that, if he hears the Gospel, rejects it, and dies tomorrow, then at least he was given a fair chance to choose God and go to heaven, instead of Hell. There is no in between. Think of that person burning in Hell, then tell me again that he doesn't need to hear about God. [Not directed to Michael Jr.]

10:59 PM  
Blogger flutegirl said...

I feel guilty as charged! I only hope there is enough evidence to convict me! :)

9:51 PM  

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